Ready to initiate a soul upgrade & activate your intuition,

but don't know what comes next?


With The Ritual Way™, confidently tap into your Higher Self in five simple steps and begin to fully trust your intuitive abilities when you need it most— right now.


Lock in this low price today... it's for a limited time only.

I know that you have powerful spiritual gifts. 

That’s why you are here!


I'm sharing what I know from my own spiritual development journey.


>> By starting with a strong focus on my own energy...


>> By beginning with a daily action to center myself in soul embodiment, and then cultivating my clairvoyance and becoming my own self healer later...



Which allowed me to become the masterful energy practitioner I am today.



This Ritual Way experience is over a decade in the making...


But it will only take you five steps to implement (and can be completed in an hour!)



Ready to initiate your own soul activation and healing experience?


(I know you are!)


So Why am I sharing this right now?

Hey, I'm Kate Patchett!


As a Spiritual Mentor and Soul Catalyst, I've been able to support hundreds of healers & coaches around the world to activate their innate soul power, Higher Self embodiment, and fully trust their inner guidance system with confidence. They become super empowered through self healing work, and go on to fulfill their mission as masterful channels & energy practitioners.


The idea for the Ritual Way came to me recently as I pondered all that is happening in the world. Everyone's lives have been disrupted or altered in some way. Even before all this happened, I saw clients struggling to breakthrough the soul boundary that keeps people from accessing Higher Self  + intuitive insights... consistently & confidently. So I asked myself...


How can I help coaches & healers create a simple way to activate & cultivate their intuitive abilities... in less than a day... especially right now when everyone needs a spiritual focus most?

...I didn’t ask “How can I help them become masterful energy workers?”  That can take several  months.


...didn’t askHow can I help them become super confident in their extrasensory perception (like clairvoyance)?” That can take a few weeks.




I asked “How can I help coaches & healers connect with Higher Self & trust their intuitive insights in the shortest amount of time?”


I thought it over, then I came back to what I know best...


A process to create a quick connection with innate soul power that is doubt-proof (and chaos-proof) so an ascending soul—any person seeking Higher Self connection—can embody their true soul power and use their intuitive skills to self-guide & self-heal.



SUPER fast.

Five-simple-steps-in an hour-and-then-it’s-DONE fast.


The Steps I teach inside The Ritual Way...


... are the same ones I used to connect my body-soul awareness, visualize my energy system, and connect with my own Higher Self guidance.


It's the same process I used when I started becoming super clairvoyant and began doing my own self guided energy healing work. 


(Which made it possible for me to become the masterful energy worker and soul catalyst that I am today.)


It's an innovative process to get out of your own way, stay super connected with your Higher Self, and make spiritual development a core focus of your everyday life.


Without that type of devotional practice, you will lose sight of your spiritual powers.


But when you get into a regular ritual of soul connection and growth, your next spiritual upgrade is only a day away.

So, what's in it for you? 


The Ritual Way  process works for any type of spiritual personsoulful coaches, intuitive healers, creative entrepreneurs. 


In just five simple steps, using my  M.A.G.I.C. Method,  you will create a personalized way for accessing your spiritual inner guidance confidently and consistently (and it can be done in an hour!)


When we make space for intuition, and choose to navigate our soul energy while in a meditative space, we become more able to make spiritual development a key part of our lives.


It's important to make it a core focus going forward, because it changes how we manifest, how we process, and how easily we receive intuitive insights.


If you are looking for a quick way to cultivate your soul powers... I've got you covered



Inside the Ritual Way ™ ...


I'm teaching the first steps I took to become extrasensory savvy and super confident in my abilities to work with soul energy.


I'm sharing what I know so that other people can initiate their own journey to skillful spiritual healer.


And I've created this right now because I don't want you to be in perpetual spiritual limbo...


I want to see you activated. spiritually centered, and embodying your Higher Self.


I want to see you 100% Soul Confident.


And you can, with The Ritual Way... Your next soul upgrade is only a day away!


JOIN Today! 

Grab The Ritual Way today...


NOW Only $37

Lock in this low price today... it's for a limited time only.


I feel like I need a system with specific protocols...

Is that what The Ritual Way is? 


Let's not over complicate things.


Soul energy flows through everything.

It’s ready to greet you when you become available to receive it.


That being said, I knew you might be interested in something structured... because our minds operate that way, even though spirit does not.


That’s why I created the M.A.G.I.C. Method,

...the five part process you will follow inside the Ritual Way.


It takes you step by step through a soulful, yet practical way for opening your awareness to your innate spiritual power and bringing that knowledge into your lifestyle.

Here's What You Will Learn Inside The Ritual Way™:


  • How to develop your own ritual way process in five simple steps in just a couple hours or lessI know you have time for this!


  • How to setup your life for your new ritual way- a ritual tailored to your soul and spiritual path- using simple quick actions you can do in less than a day.


    • How to truly process what’s happening in your body and mind through a soulful lens using my fantastical “Processing Process ™ “ (This alone is worth the mini investment in your Ritual Way, because it’s something you can do Anytime and it’s ridiculously effective! It’s Exactly what I do to guide my 1:1 clients and my own self.)

    • How to get in sync with and super connected to your inner guidance aka your Higher Self. This is a powerful experience that I guide my 1:1 clients through, and I’ve realized Everyone needs this, no matter what.

    • How to create and use your personalized ritual using key components. Suggestions, examples, and guidelines are provided to support you in creating something woven with practicality and magic. Your Ritual Way will feel like a sweet friend you love to visit each day-- so supportive, nurturing and inspiring. What a gift!

    • How to integrate your Ritual Way™ into your life so you can continue to cultivate your intuitive abilities and live a Source enhanced life through powerful soul embodiment. 


    • How to track your daily practice and hold yourself accountable (accountability tracker, anyone?) I KNOW you want this


    • How to ground and remain in your own soul power consistently through meditative practices. Not sure what to do to stay anchored in 3D while exploring 5D? I’ve got you covered. 

    • How to overcome the doubts and fears that arise when you think about working on your spiritual gifts and skills. Are you a little freaked out? Good. The Ritual Way is for you then.


    And did I mention you can create and implement

    your Ritual Way in less than a day?


    You read that right... this process is super quick.


    >> Nearly instant access to your Higher Self. Check.


    >> Consistent confidence in your intuitive insights and abilities. Check.


    >>I'm sharing what I know so that people like you can initiate your own journey to skillful spiritual healer. Woot!


    >> And a proven process to upgrade your spiritual skills. Super Check!


    I know you are pressed for time and life is supremely abnormal lately.

    There are a lot of new and more intense stresses you face each day.


    That's why I laid out five simple steps that can each be achieved in 10-15 minutes or Less!


    Even if you only have a little bit of "me" time in the morning, you can do this. 


    Or one hour in a single afternoon (if you can create this space for you... amazing!)


    You can create your Ritual Way... Right Away!


    The Ritual Way today...


    NOW Only $37

    Lock in this low price today... it's for a limited time only.

    Who is the Ritual Way for? 


    The Ritual Way  process works for any type of spiritual person— soulful coaches, intuitive healers, creative entrepreneurs. 


    You might be all three! I know I am. 





    By initiating a powerful soul experience within yourself, you will learn new methods of self support through spiritual awareness and self guided assessment. This spiritual development will only make your coaching work even more effective, and therefore even more valuable.


    And with the 5 Day Higher Self Meditation Series upgrade, you can fast track your Higher Self connection in less than a week.





    Creating your Ritual Way can be a powerful experience that will elevate your healing work and increase your faith in all that you do. No matter what your experience level and modalities you use, these steps will enhance your extrasensory skills through devoted practice and increased self-belief.


    Start becoming more masterful in your healing arts through highly honed intuition and psychic awareness. 

    Creative Entrepreneurs 



    Having better access to your Higher Self and intuitive gifts can be such a great way to manifest and design. Use your innate abilities to get your products and services out into the world. Tap into your own spiritual guidance so you can make better decisions, take swift actions, and make your business even better and more soul aligned! Imagine having access to an inner voice you can always trust, guiding you each step of the way. It’s such a relief To Know. . 

    Just because the world is whack right now doesn't mean you can't become EVEN BETTER at your soul work!


    I know you've got what it takes, or you wouldn't have landed here. 


    The Ritual Way gives you breathing room, a moment to pause and create space for the next level YOU. 


    Your own inner healing work only enhances your abilities to support others in even more profound spiritual ways, with clear direction and channeled guidance. 

    Even though I know I have these abilities... I also still have doubts. Does The Ritual Way help me with this, Kate?



    The Ritual Way was designed to solve this exact problem.


    It will help you anchor into your true soul identity and power, permanently. Once you are doing this, you can't "un-know" it. 


    Your Ritual Way will help put a stop to the undercurrent of self doubts and set you on a more streamlined path of enriching soul work and unwavering self belief.


    It’s time to get firmly centered and consistent, because then You Will experience spiritual shifts you’d only imagined before. 


    And you can get access to your next soul upgrade below...


    The Ritual Way today...


    NOW Only $37

    What You Get When You Access The Ritual Way:

    5 Step



    Experience the  M.A.G.I.C. Method for creating your Ritual Way™.




    Visualization Sequences


    Visualization Sequences for breath work and an energy scan.



    Processing Process


    Phase One of my signature process for life changing results in mind, body, soul.



    Meet Your

    Higher Self


    Meditative Journey to initiate your true soul power and embody Higher Self more consistently and confidently.





    Includes components and example layouts so your Ritual Way is tailored to your soul needs.





    Worksheet to ensure you continue your daily ritual and spiritual practice going forward.


    That seems like a ton of things for $37??? Is this for real?!


    Yesssss. The Ritual Way™ program is worth at least ten times what I’m charging.I

    t’s a full fledged micro-course for a fraction of the true cost. 


    After all, it’ll help you access the answers you’ve been seeking and process your way into true enlightenment and intuitive power. 


    BUT my goal here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, because I know healers and coaches need this confidence booster NOW. (You can believe in yourself 100% and still have serious doubts about your spiritual abilities aka psychic-ness, and it’s when you fully trust your extrasensory perception that life takes a brilliant turn for the better.)


    I don’t want you to design your Ritual Way™ someday… I want you to get started TODAY.


    So I’ve priced it so you don’t have to waste time deciding… you can just grab it and go!

    Here's How This Works:


    1. Grab your digital access to The Ritual Way here.  


    2. Check your inbox for login info so you can get started today!


    3. Follow the 5-step method to create your Ritual Way fast.


    4. Initiate your powerful soul upgrades with my proven process.


    The Ritual Way today...


    NOW Only $37

    Lock in this low price today... price increases soon!

    You don't need a sudden "awakening", a complicated system, or a bunch of rules and protocols to access & enhance your innate soul powers.



    You just need The Ritual Way™.


    I’ll help you connect with your inner guidance, start viewing your own energy clairvoyantly, begin to embody your Higher Self, create a powerful daily ritual, and be super tuned in to your 5D awareness.


    In less than a day... (maybe even in one hour if you are Really focused).


    You need this in your life. You deserve this freedom and peace of mind.


    You’re ready to become ridiculously confident in your intuitive abilities.


    (After all, that’s how people become skillful self healers and energy practitioners... and you KNOW you are already powerful... so get going!)


    You are more than ready to add a simple and actionable soul upgrade to your daily life.


    You’re over having the doubts in your skills because you know already that you are totally connected… and you are ready to cross the threshold into skillful energy worker now.


    If you’re ready for spiritual ascension and your next soul upgrade...


    You’re ready for The Ritual Way™.


    Here's What They're Saying About My Teachings:



    Psychic Certainty

    "Your teachings helped me to learn to listen to my first thoughts and not question myself... learning more and more!!!!"



    So Powerful

    "I love all of Kate's content. It's been so powerful and truly life changing for me. I like to go back and do her programs more than once, just because I always learn so much."


    The Ritual Way today...


    NOW Only $37

    FAQ About The Ritual Way





      It starts as soon as you join!


      This is a self paced, instant access experience.. All you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything (login details) delivered straight to your inbox. 


      So you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! 

      (But I wouldn't wait much longer than that The sooner the better!)




      I totally feel you. 


      But the good news is... you don't need hours upon hours to do this. 


      The Ritual Wayis a simple 5-step process (each step takes 10-15 minutes to complete), so I"ve set you up for success. And the best part is... the first step helps you with making time for this anyway. So you really have nothing to worry about. I believe in you. 




      Due to the digital nature of The Ritual Way™—and the fact that you could consume it in just a few, short hours (or less)— we do not offer refunds.


      The reality? Once you complete and implement The Ritual Way™ (and make your own Ritual Way™), you’ll be thinking... "What do I get to do next with Kate?!"


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